Old El Paso range from General Mills, Australia

As the company says “ True genius, Mexican style ”. We offer the choicest flavours of salsa sauce – Spicy bean, Nacho supreme, Chunky tomato & Chargrilled vegetables.
Praise dressings from Goodman Fielder, Australia

Praise products are the perfect accompaniment to fresh food as products are made with real ingredients to add real flavour. Exquisite fat free salad dressings like Caeser, Coleslaw, Potato salad & Thousand Island. We are in the process of adding some new premium flavours French mustard & herbs, Pepper garlic & herbs, Italian balsamic & Ranch style.
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Raguletto pasta sauce from Unilever, Australia

We know that it’s not always easy to find a meal that you can feel good about making and the whole family will want to eat. Raguletto is designed to help you serve up nutritious meals that the whole family (especially the kids) will love and devour. Quality pasta sauces in a wide array of flavours – Napolitana, Romano, Bolgonese, Venetian & Basilico.
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Continental sachet soup from Unilever, Australia

Enjoyable and versatile, your partner in the creation of good food everyone will enjoy. Each sachet makes one litre of soup available in Chicken noodle, Cream of chicken, Spring vegetable, Cheese & leek, French onion, Cream of mushroom & Thick vegetable.
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Continental cup-a-soup from Unilever, Australia

Along with the new, modern and fresh looking packaging, Continental has also been improved and now contains no added MSG, artificial colours or artificial flavours. Of course, Continental Cup-a-Soup is also at least 97% fat free. Available in more than fifteen exclusive flavours for both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
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Canned food from SPC, Australia

The largest canning company in Australia and a global player in canned fruits and vegetables. From their range we offer canned beans, canned peaches and pears, canned spaghetti and canned tomato with added herbs.
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Coffee and other products from Hintz, Germany

“High quality at favourable prices and always fair policy are our company's guiding principles.” From the Hintz range we offer Instant coffee (freeze dried), Instant coffee (spray dried), Cocoa powder, Instant chocolate drink, Milkshake powders and Cappuccino.
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Saffron from Safinter S.A, Spain

Safinter and Taj Mahal , are the best known brands of saffron and those with the highest reputation throughout the world. The name Safinter is a guarantee of quality. We offer their saffron filaments and syrup..
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African sauces from Banditos, South Africa

Sauces which are typical to South Africa. Peri-peri, jalepeno, habenero, chilli-mint, red chilli and some exquisite cooking sauces.
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